Album Name  
1.You are in my life 
2.The healing God 
3.A thanksgiving heart 
4.The living God 
 Album Name: You are in my life
 Release Date: 2009-5-8
 Album hits: 2330
Album Description:
  Never thought that I could write songs and be a singer in my lifetime! My background is in Biology and I had been working in labs for years. No one around me had anything to do with music.
  In 2004, I watched the movie "The Passion of the Christ", and was deeply moved. Once again, I saw Jesus had been whipped, humiliated, shed blood and finally died on the cross for me! Once again, his love deeply touched my heart. When I returned home, a very strong feeling was stirring inside me and my heart kept crying out: "This is incomparable love! This is sacrificial love!" After a while, I opened my mouth and a song came out from my heart.
  That night, I wrote two songs “Incomparable Love” and “Sacrificed Love”. At midnight, I sat on my bed, thinking of God’s grace and love, my heart was touched again. I wrote another song “You are in My Life”. Since then, I have kept writing songs. So far, I have written more than 800 songs. I had been trying to have someone make CDs or sing the songs, but no one took the job. After 5 years, I knew that God want me to do it, and I decided to obey Him.
  I found Mr. Binglynn (music recorder) from the web site. He encouraged me to sing the songs by myself to save money. This was a big challenge to me because I had never been vocal trained and was not a good singer at all. However, I know nothing is impossible in our God. Through Mr. Binglynn, I got to know Ms. Zhao (a music teacher), and she was willing to teach me free of charge. God put the two of them in my life to help and encourage me, and to be my co-workers. Praise the Lord! And I will give all the glories to Him!
  When I decided to publish the songs, I told God that I was not going to make any money from them. I knew it is not me who can write the songs, it is God's grace and gift. Therefore I want to contribute all the songs. However, there will be so many songs to be recorded, so many CDs to be given out. I believe God will supply, and I am willing to give. But, if you are touched by the Holy Spirit, you can be part of this ministry. Because of your support, one more song will be recorded, one more CD will be made, and one more person will be blessed! (All the CDs will be given out free of charge!)  
  May God bless you for your support.  

Song name/Lyrics/introduction
1. He will lead me tomorrow 606  在线试听
2. Lord, you love me the most 571  在线试听
3. Little grass 518  在线试听
4. Please hold my hand 456  在线试听
5. Please open the eyes of my heart 457  在线试听
6. Jesus is the light 491  在线试听
7. you are in my life 405  在线试听
8. Sacrificial love 499  在线试听
9. Long time no see 538  在线试听
10. You are the Light in my Life 447  在线试听
11. Lord, you precious me 483  在线试听
12. Powerful hands 481  在线试听

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