Album Name  
1.You are in my life 
2.The healing God 
3.A thanksgiving heart 
4.The living God 
 Album Name: The healing God
 Release Date: 2009-12-25
 Album hits: 1620
Album Description:
  It still feels like a dream to me that I can write songs, sing them myself, and have my own CD.
  Since the release of Grass Music's first CD "You are in my life” on May 8, 2009, we have held more than thirty concerts and shared testimonies in China and in Canada. I have never thought that it could have such a great response from others. Many have experienced God's presence and
comfort during these events.
  Thanks to God's love! We are now releasing the second CD “You are the healing God” now, and I am sure He will use it to continue healing us. Because of God’s mercy and power, He will heal anyone who comes to Him. Yes, He has healed millions, and He has healed me. Today, whoever comes to Jesus, will also be healed by His love. For there is power in His blood, from the cross and because He is the healing God! The Bible says: “the punishment that rought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.” ( Isa 53:5 ).
  Thanks be to God for showing me the way during the past six months. Although I was tiredphysically from working hard, my heart was filled with peace and joy. God is my strength! Now I understand what God meant when he told us: “Not by might nor by
powerbut by my Spirit” (Zec 4:6) Indeed, if I didn’t have Brother Bing Lin and sisters ZhaoXinying as my co-workers, if I didn’t get help and support from other brothers and sisters, I would never have had such success.
  For this I am so grateful. I thank God for allowing me to serve Him! And I offer myself to Him and to live for Him! I can never repay His grace!
  When I decided to publish the songs,  I told  God that I was not going to make any money from them. I knew it is not me who can write the songs, it is God’s grace and gift.Therefore I want to contribute all the songs to the public to bless others. However,there will be so many songs to be recorded, so many CDs to be given out. I believe God will supply, and I am willing to give. But, if you are touched by the Holy Spirit, you can be part of this ministry. Because of your support, one moresong will be recorded,one more CD will be made, and one more person will be blessed! May God bless you for your support.

Song name/Lyrics/introduction
1. Almighty God, how great you are 485  在线试听
2. The sky will not always be blue 514  在线试听
3. Only you, Jesus 464  在线试听
4. No more wondering 424  在线试听
5. You make me soar like an eagle 551  在线试听
6. The healing God 561  在线试听
7. The way to the cross 439  在线试听
8. You never forsake me 482  在线试听
9. You give me the hope of life 505  在线试听
10. I am out of the fire 492  在线试听
11. Jesus is the comfortor 460  在线试听
12. My deepest longing 502  在线试听
13. Singing when distressed 425  在线试听
14. The beatitudes 516  在线试听

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