Album Name  
1.You are in my life 
2.The healing God 
3.A thanksgiving heart 
4.The living God 
 Album Name: A thanksgiving heart
 Release Date: 2010-6-10
 Album hits: 3130
Album Description:
  Thanks be to our God! The third album “A Thanksgiving Heart” has been released. When we do sit down and think about God's love, we know that God's grace is far beyond counting.
  My heart is filled with God's love every day!  I am very thankful for what He has done in my life.  
  I thank God for healing my depression and cancer and letting me to live again for Him.
  I thank God for giving me the ability to write and sing these songs, and to produce my own CD album. Whenever I listen to these wonderful touching songs, my heart is filled with gratitude, for I know it is all from God!
  I thank God for giving me the opportunity to do “Grass Music Concert and Testimony”in many places. Nothing is more joyful than to praise our God and to tell the story of what He has done in my life.
  I thank God for many co-workers who worked as volunteers and stood by my side to offer support and help. I especially thank brother Binglyn and sister Xinying Zhao's faithful service in recording and vocal training.  
  I also thank God for letting me meet many pastors, brothers and sisters.  They received me with love and even let me live and eat in their homes. They lifted me up with prayers and financially supported the ministry. They contacted churches and arranged travel itinerary for me. They even bought me clothes, vitamins and cosmetics.
  My philosophy of life had been “Life is precious; love is even more valuable; so if there is no love, there is no sense of living.”I wanted to end my life before for not able to experience love.  But now, my heart is filled with God's love and the love from brothers and sisters. I can continue to live for God and to walk boldly everyday!
  I am so thankful and I can't stop praising Him.I want to go every corner of the world to tell the story of what he has done in my life.  

Song name/Lyrics/introduction
1. Lord, you are worthy of my everything 549  在线试听
2. How can I repay you 321  在线试听
3. You love me so much 386  在线试听
4. You are my good shepherd 392  在线试听
5. No one is dearer than you 291  在线试听
6. Hard to understand 400  在线试听
7. Because of the cross 409  在线试听
8. Friends are important 400  在线试听
9. A thanksgiving heart 423  在线试听
10. Don't you know 396  在线试听
11. Mother 402  在线试听
12. Tomorrow's road 329  在线试听
13. God,thank you 370  在线试听
14. Lord's Prayer 402  在线试听

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