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When I first decided to publish the songs, I told God that I am not going to make any money from them. Because I knew that I wrote these songs not base on my ability or wisdom, but from God's grace and gift. Therefore I am willing to contribute all of them to have more people blessed. The songs recorded so far , and the website constructed were all from my own contribution alone too.

However, this is going to be a big ministry: there are more than eight hundreds songs need to be recorded, ans thousands of CD will be given out. I believe that God will supply. However, if you were touched by the Holy Spirit, you can be my co-workers. Because of your support, we can have one more song recorded, one more CD made, and one more person get blessed! (All the CDs will be given out for free! Can you imaging how many Chinese back in the mainland China will be blessed by your support?)

You can also be our singer, our song maker, or be our volunteer. You can also pray for us, and become our team member. Your support will help to develop this ministry so that more people will be blessed.  May God Bless you for your support.  

    Please fill out the donation form, so that we can contact you. 

    Bank of China , Shenzhen branch
    Name£ºLIN YING
    Account Number£º4766925£­0188£­063767£­2

    China Merchants Bank, Shenzhen Branch
    Name£ºLIN YING
    Account Number£º6225887830184871 

TD Canada Trust   
    Name:    Grass Music   
    Number: 5938-5217799

   Bank of America  
   Name:    Ying Lin 
   Number: 005227048739 

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