Title:i am like a little grass

Denise Pan
Denise Pan
i am like grass i am not beautiful as flower or tall as tree but god love me no different. thank you for this song!!!! in my life i had felt like no one cares about me. neither do i feel special i felt like a little grass,something no one like. i felt useless but knowing god care for me is enough ......thank you very much!!!!! hope you would make more lovely songs~
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Praise the Lord, for we are all special in His eyes. God is good, and He is our everything, and He loves us! That is enough! Who cares what others think about us! God bless you!
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>Well thank you Lord for using my sister in Christ to write these words ."Who cares how many people buy your book if God told you to write it?"That hit me like a TON OF BRICKS with cement glued to them. Thank you.
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God bless you!
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