Title:glad to meet you in Calgary

Dear linda, I am very glad that I have met you in Calgary. You are so special and precious to Him. I really really like the name " little grass". There are many many little grass in this world. I am one of those. Even though my story is not as same as your story and my experience is not as challenging as your, God has let me to walk on the path of the life that can lead me to understand the feelings and struggles for those who are like you. Dear Linda, you are a strong grass! There are so many storms, pains, heartaches, loneliness and unfairness in your life!! Thank God that our main course for our feast of our eternal life is in heaven. We may not have a good "appetizer" for our feast on earth, but it is just our appetizer. If God has not risen, our faith is hopeless, our misfortune is not fair, our effort will be in vain! God will pay you back everything that you have done for Him. Remember, we are just human being so we may fail and we may fall. He does not expect us to be perfect, he does not look down on us when we doubt! Just do our best, and He will take care of the rest! He knows that we will be up and down in our spiritual journeys. Take it easy sometimes and don‘t forget to love yourself & take care of your own needs for He said: love others like you love yourself! If God will bring me to your mind, I will appreciate your trust and be your sister in Christ. I am weak too, but I can have hope in Him.
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God is good! Yes, in Him, we have hope.And in Him, I am a new person. All the suffering making me a better one. Praise the Lord! Thank you and God bless you!
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