Title:New Life Evangelical church

Hi Auntie Linda, I am very glad to have met you. Your ministry and testimony have touched my heart and have renewed and strengthened my faith this weekend. It is amazing to see how The Lord uses your live to reach out to non-believers and believers together. Although I listen to English christian music (Hillsong, Planetshakers, etc) more than Chinese christian music, I have to say that your music and lyrics are very comforting and peaceful. The lyrics are worship and praises based, and that is how christian music should be as they give honor to The Lord. The pictures of the villiages you went to in China were very inspiring and touching. Seeing how the Gospel touched their hearts made tears come down my eyes. As I watched the pictures, I thought about the churches we have in Calgary and Canada. We are so blessed that many of us take our surrouding environment for granted. We often praise The Lord for His rich blessings to us, but many of us do fall short when comes to obedience and thanksgiving. Those pictures stirred up fires in my heart, knowing that there are so many needy people who need to know and hear about Jesus and His saving grace and salvation. I understand many organziations out there would not choose those locations as their primary evangelism places. You and your ministry group took mission to that field. I really respect that! God bless you!
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Thank you, Andrew! You do have a heart for the needys. May God guide you and use you in His kingdom!God bless you!
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