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God Said No  [3/16/2012]
When I say..."I am a Christian"  [1/14/2012]
Psalm 23  [7/19/2010]
What you learn from Noah's Ark (PPS)  [3/3/2010]
Song of the wind (pps)  [12/29/2009]
Rich and poor (pps)  [12/21/2009]
China Hua mountain (pps)  [12/19/2009]
Such a beautiful story  [12/15/2009]
Seasons of Life  [12/13/2009]
Choose Chocolate (pps)  [12/11/2009]
The power of your mind (pps)  [12/9/2009]
Beautiful Autumn and Beautiful Story (pps)  [12/7/2009]
Five Rules to Happy Life (pps)  [11/26/2009]
How the stock market runs (pps)  [11/24/2009]
I am no longer lonely (pps)  [11/22/2009]
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