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15th Grass Music concert in ShenZhen Meilin Church woman fellowship

Concert #15 took place at 9am on July 1st at the women’s fellowship group at the Mei-Lin church in

Shenzhen. Mei-Lin church is the largest Three-Self Church in Shenzhen. The building is magnificent and they have over 10,000 members.




Look at those sisters who were so joyful in serving God!!!




Both the songs and the testimony touched people’s hearts. Sisters could feel each other’s pain when they faced different struggles and suffering in their lives, but they then shed the thankful tears. It is great to have God!!!




We were all willing to offer our lives to God, to sing praises to God, and to be used by God for the rest of our lives.




A lot of sisters braced and hugged me after the concert. One of sisters told me: “God is healing us now!”. I said: “Yes, when we are all healed by God, we will fight the battle for God.”




Lastly, we also distributed the CDs. I felt comforted when I saw the happiness on their faces. I know those elderly sisters do not know how to download songs, so those CDs are prepared in advance for them.



Thanks to God. We have received a total amount of offering of ¥2,300 yuan. One of the sisters offered ¥1,000 yuan.May God remember and bless them!

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