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16th Grass Music concert in ShenZhen Meilin Church Youth fellowship

Concert #16 took place at 7:30pm on July 3rd at the youth fellowship group at the Mei-Lin church in Shenzhen. The main sanctuary was filled with people and there were others who had to stand at the door. Many sisters who attended the previous concert on Wednesday came back with their friends. The holy spirit was operational within us. A song: “You are Great All Mighty God” led our hearts to God.




The thanksgiving testimony also touched the hearts of those young people. I could not help but have the exclamation on God’s kindness, mercy, almightiness and love!





What should we pursue in life? What is success in life? Sister Xiancao’s testimony made those young people rethink about those questions.




They renewed their commitment to God: “I ask nothing in my life but to please you. I ask nothing in my life but to be used by You!”





We I saw those hands up in the air, I saw hope for China. The gospel will be spread widely in China. More souls will be saved!!!





After the concert we paused for some photos. Thanks to God we have received a total offering of $1,400 renminbi. Even though they did not allow us to distribute the CDs, we still distributed close to a thousand copies. Even though I did not want to receive any offering, there were still people who wanted to secretly offer me contributions. An elderly sister especially came again and offered $200 renminbi as she did not have a chance to do so on Wednesday. I was really touched. Even though we did not receive a lot of offering, I believe this concert was a success. May the glory to God!

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