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17th Grass Music Concert in Eastern Canada -- Ottawa

First Grass Music Concert in Eastern Canada – August 29, 2009 in Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and it is also the political and cultural center of the country. As far as the size of the city and the recognition by international communities are concerned, as the fourth largest city in Canada, Ottawa can not be compared to other large cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. However, its unique culture, beautiful scenery, and quiet and relaxing lifestyle make it a populate place for visit among Canadians and other tourists from the world.  According to statistics in 1997, its land area spans over 2,054 square kilometres. The population was $1.05M in 1997, which represented about one-tenth of the population in Beijing.




About 10,000 CDs and CD covers were shipped separately from Hong Kong and Shenzhen, through the Pacific Ocean, arrived in Toronto in Canada. After going through customs without any difficulty, they arrived in Ottawa finally. Next, a lot of brothers and sisters, and friends helped insert the CDs into the covers. Some even took it home to work with. Everyone was willing to participate in this music ministry. Thanks to the leading of the Holy Spirit.


The choir practised the songs as we moved on with our preparation. From the pastor to the brothers and sisters, everyone was busy in preparing for this concert.


We rented the church in Chinatown to have this concert. New friends followed the ad in local newspapers and found the church. Brothers and sisters were excited to have this opportunity to serve God.


After praying for this event by the Pastor and other brothers and sisters, we entered into the sanctuary. Tonight, may our God’s name be glorified and lifted up again! May the Holy Spirit, who touched brothers and sisters and friends in China, also touch the hearts of those live in North America.



We started the concert with the song: “How great you are, the almighty God”. I then shared my testimony. We had the same exclamation and the same tears. As well, God’s love touched and comforted the hearts of the congregation. God’s grace also encouraged us to be determined in walking forward with Him.


Under such grace there is no reason to stop from walking with Him or to cease our praising!


The Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, only You are deserved of our praise and worship.


The Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, only You are deserved of our praise and worship.


Thanks to God, my son also came and was well-dressed. He even brought me a banquet of flowers and showed his support with a hug. I was really touched. Other sisters and friends hugged me, gave me flowers, and offered money to support this ministry. These all touched me deeply!


Many other sisters prepared fruits and desserts for the reception after the concert. Other B/S helped to take care of the children during the concert.


Thanks to God and thanks to brothers and sisters who were willing to offer their timeand energy. The concert was a success. We received $2,213 CAN as the offering to support the grass music ministry. May God remember those who contributed to this ministryand bless them abundantly.

May the glory and the praise be to the one and the only one, our loving God.

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