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23th Grass Music Concert in ShenZhen Haliluya Church



A coffee shop was rented for this meeting. We held the Grass Music Concert on their Sunday Service.


I was entirely touched by the Holy Spirit as we all stood up and completed the song “Almighty god, you are really great”. I cried and prayed to God: “Wishing your spirit being with us, and touch our heart!” this is the first time I hosted Grass Music Concert at a coffee shop, and I realized: It does not matter where is the place we have our service, we shall all praise and worship our God! Because, God is worthy!


Although it was not a typical church environment, but we were still very focus on praising and worshiping our God.


I talked my testimony next. The Holy Spirit was with us. Again, I experienced that God would give grace to those who need and seek him.


Even though they are not in a normal church building, but their seeking of God and their love to God are the same. God is the only help and comfort to us!


Jesus, the healing God! We all need your healing!


Almighty God, mercy God, no god in the world can compare with you! Only you are worthy to praise and worship!


Our singing was so loud and made the whole building shaking. Everyone's heart was moved. At the end, two new friends accepted Jesus as their Lord for their lives! Praise God!



We thanked the pastor for his enthusiastic hosting, and the brothers and sisters for their devotions and supports. All the glory belongs to our loving God!

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