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24th Grass Music Concert in Shen Zhen Ping Shan Church



The 24th “Grass Music Concert” was held on November 22nd (Sunday) 7:30 p.m.,  at Ping Shan Church in Shenzen. Ping Shan Church was more than an hour away from Senzen. Thank God for moving the  Choir of Nan Shan Church to go with us, and they even offered to pay for the fare! They supported us physically and financially. Wishing God show grace on them!


We have total 33 people. We gathered at 4:20, and the car left at 5:20. On the way, we practiced the songs. We arrived Ping Shan Church around 7 p.m. Thank the brothers and sisters’ warm welcoming, and their delicious dinner!


The church rented the fourth floor of a building. About 200 people attended. Everyone was very focusing on worship our God! Then we had Grass sister to share testimonies for God.







Love of God touching everyone’s heart through the songs; our love to God were also through the songs. God, no matter what the world become, you are always worthy for our worship!



Through the songs God's Love  touched everyone’s heart, Also through the songs our love was sent to God. No matter what our situation is , you are always worthy for our worship!



At the end, 21 people accepted Jesus as their savior and Lord.


Thank God for His sacrificing for the sinners! Our hearts were touched again!





Thank God, let us be God’s children; thank God, let us be brothers and sisters; thank God, let us serve God; thank God, let us walk together on the path of life! We can’t thank God enough.

We gave out more the 200 CDs, and left the church more than 300 CDs. We did not ask for offering, or ask for devotion. But God’s love filled our heart. By the time we got back to Shenzen it was already midnight. I knew everyone was tired, but I also knew everyone had joy in their heart. I believed God will remember them!

Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be Your name, Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven! Thanks for praying for us! May God bless China!

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